Bolivia-May 2009
Lake Titicaca
Isle of the Sun
“Inca” Fountain

The boat landed at Yumani, which is about at the center on the east side of the Isle of the Sun.  When you get off of the boat, the first thing you see is a staircase.  This staircase leads up to the “Inca” Fountain.  Although the history books say the Inca built the Fountain, Rosse Mary said the Fountain predates them.  I feel the same thing.

When Adele and I visited in January 2004, water was flowing from only 2 of the 3 fountains.  As you can see, all 3 fountains are flowing now.  I guess the Lake is happier now.

The last day I was brave enough to drink the water from the fountain.  I did not achieve eternal youth, at least not yet.  On the brighter side, I did not get sick either.

The steps leading up to the “Inca” Fountain on the Isle of the Sun
The “Inca” Fountain
Me beside the “Inca” Fountain