Bolivia-May 2009
Lake Titicaca
Isle of the Sun
The north side of the Island

After visiting the Isle of the Moon, we joined the spiritual group from Brazil to travel to Challa’pampa on the north side of the Isle of the Sun.  The north side of the Isle has some interesting sites and ruins to visit, although I felt that they do not compare to the temple at the Isle of the Moon.  Maybe I was just burnt out from experiencing the Isle of the Moon, who knows...

On the north side of the Island is the Sacred Rock, the “Inca” Temple (also known as the Temple of the Sun), Chincana, the Ceremonial Table, Titi Khar’ka, the Footprints of the Sun, and views of the nearby island Marka Pampa.  The “Inca” Temple did not move me, so I did not take any pictures of it.  The Sacred Rock was kind of interesting, but I was feeling really tired at that point and just wanted to get back to the hotel and rest.  So no pictures of it either.  Finally, I felt that the Ceremonial Table was kind of touristy.  I did take photos of it, but do not feel like wasting a webpage on it.

Titi Khar’ka
Marka Pampa
Footprints of the Sun