Bolivia-May 2009
Puma Punku
The Main Temple

Puma Punku consists of a T-shaped pyramid with a main temple on the upper horizontal bar of the “T” and a Sunken/Semi-Subterranean Temple in the lower part of the vertical bar of the “T”, just like the Akapana Pyramid.  However, the pyramid at Puma Punku is oriented facing the West, not the East like most temples.  Most the stone ruins are located at the Main Temple, including the Gates and many stones with unusual carvings on them.  I found the carvings on the stones fascinating.

Unusual carvings
Solar Crosses
The GatesBOLIVIA-PUMAPUNKU-MAINTEMPLE-Gates-May2009.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
The Main Temple seen from the North West
Inside the Main Temple looking East
The Main Temple seen from the East
H Shaped Stones