Bolivia-May 2009
Kalasasaya Temple

Directly behind the Sunken/Semi-Subterranean Temple is the Kalasasaya Temple.  The Kalasasaya Temple contains the 2 remaining monoliths and 2 unusual magnetic stones along with my favorite monument, the Gate of the Sun.  I omitted the “Ponce” Monolith because you can find photos of it everywhere on the internet.  Parts of this Temple feel amazing, especially the Gate of the Sun :-)  Unfortunately, I did not photograph the 2 magnetic stones, so no photos of them either.  Supposedly, these 2 magnetic stones created a magnetic field that people had to work through to enter the inner temple.

Click on the links below to see my photos :-)

Magnetic Stones
Sun GateBOLIVIA-TIWANAKU-GateOfTheSun-May2009.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
“Headless” MonolithBOLIVIA-TIWANAKU-HeadlessMonolith-May2009.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
“Ponce” Monolith
“Priest” MonolithBOLIVIA-TIWANAKU-KALASASAYATEMPLE-ThePriest-May2009.htmlBOLIVIA-TIWANAKU-KALASASAYATEMPLE-ThePriest-May2009.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
“ET” AltarBOLIVIA-TIWANAKU-KALASASAYATEMPLE-ETAltar-May2009.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0
The North Side of the Akapana Pyramid with the Kalsasaya Temple in the background at Tiwanaku