Chiapas - 2005
The Acropolis

After exploring the Grand Plaza we walked up the Acropolis.  The Acropolis is the main temple complex at Bonampak.  It contains several smaller temples within it, including Edifices I (Roman numeral “1”), II (“2”), III (“3”), IV (“4”), V (“5”), VI (“6”), VII (“7”), VIII (“8”), IX (“9”), X (“10”), and the hilltop temples.  The Acropolis also has several Stelae, including II (“2”) and III (“3”).  I loved exploring the Acropolis.  And Edifice I is definitely my favorite temple at Bonampak.

According to the INAH Plaque accompanying this temple complex, the Mayans built the Acropolis upon a natural hill, terracing the north side into 3 levels.  The Mayans built the largest temple on the 1st level: Edifice I, also called the Temple of the Paintings; Edifice II which, because of its size, could not have supported a stone vault roof; and Edifice III.  On the 2nd level is Edifices IV (“4”) through VIII (“8”).  Edifice IX (“9”) sits on a platform slight higher and behind  Edifice IV (“4”).  Edifice IX (“9”) contains a finely carved stela.  Edifice X (“10”) sits to the right of Edifice IX (“9”).  The remains of 3 small temples sit on the 3rd level, just below the hilltop.  At least 2 smaller and older
Acropolises are buried within the present 1.  A monumental stairway with low reinforcements leads onto the 1st level, while a narrow but high stairway connects to the 2nd level, 77 feet above the courtyard.

The left side of the Acropolis, with Stela Ia and Edifice XVII in the foreground, at Bonampak
Map of the AcropolisCHIAPAS-BONAMPAK-ACROPOLIS-Map-2005.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0