Chiapas - 2005

The day after visiting the Museum of La Venta, we visited the majestic Mayan city of Palenque.  Palenque is my absolute favorite Mayan city (Copan is a close second).  I first read about Palenque and the 3 Mayan cities of Light (Palenque, Tikal, and Copan) in MYSTERIES OF THE CRYSTAL SKULLS REVEALED by Sandra Bowen, F.R. “Nick” Nocerino, and Joshua Shapiro (See the interview with Stephen Mehler on pages 125-127) and also J.J. Hurtak’s book THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: The Keys Of Enoch (See pages 305-317, especially pages 310-312 and the map on page 311).  Ever since reading these books in 2002-2003, I had a burning desire to see these cities.  I first saw Palenque on this trip and loved it.  The city feels like flowing water.  It reminds me of Chinese ink brush painting, lyrical and flowing.

Palenque has a peculiar sense of reversed direction to it.  You enter the site from the main entrance at the south side of the site, which feels like the north.  Or you can enter the site from the north entrance, which feels like the south.  I still feel disoriented about the 4 directions when visiting Palenque.

Here are links to great websites on Palenque: (scroll down for a map of Palenque)

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Map of Palenqueshapeimage_3_link_0
The Palace, the Temple of the Inscriptions, and the Grandmother Temple (also called the Temple of the Red Queen) at Palenque