Chiapas - 2005
The Grand Plaza
The Ball Court
Part of our group walking by the Ball Court at Tonina

As you walk up into the Grand Plaza, the Ball Court is on your immediate left.  Just another standard generic Ball Court; nothing to get excited about.  I did not feel anything from this Ball Court.

According to the LONELY PLANET: Guide to Mexico, 9th Edition,  (2004), ISBN 1-74059-686-2, page 811, the Mayans inaugurated this Ball Court around 780 A.D., under the female ruler Smoking Mirror.

According to MAYAS and ZOCQUES Southeastern Mexico: Chiapas, ISBN 798-970-678-031-7, Page 45, (Laura Pescador Canton author), the Mayans renovated this Ball Court in 692 A.D.  They placed a large stone commemorating the event, which states that the Mayans renamed it the “Ball Court of the 3 Conquests”.

Part of our group walking to the Ball Court (on the right) at Tonina