Chiapas - 2005
The Grand Plaza
Temple of the Cosmic War
Part of our group in the Grand Plaza, with the Temple of the Cosmic War in the background, at Tonina

To the right of the Ball Court is the Temple of the Cosmic War.  It is pretty much just a mound with 5 altars in front of it.  I did not feel anything from this temple.

According to MAYAS and ZOCQUES Southeastern Mexico: Chiapas, ISBN 798-970-678-031-7, Page 45, (Laura Pescador Canton author), the Mayans enlarged this temple around 692 A.D., adding a rock temple to the upper part.  They also placed 5 square altars in front of the temple’s northern face [the side facing the Temple Complex], with reference disks placed before each altar.

The Temple of the Cosmic War with 5 Altars in front (on the right)