Chiapas - 2005
The Temple Complex

After briefly visiting the Grand Plaza, we walked on to the main temple complex.  This temple complex consists of a series of platforms, 1 above the other, with lots of temples (including the Palace of the Underworld, the 2nd Level, Temple of the Frets, the Temple of the Earth Monster, and the Temple of the Smoking Mirror), murals (including the Mural of the 4 Eras), and stelae.

According to the LONELY PLANET: Guide to Mexico, 9th Edition,  (2004), ISBN 1-74059-686-2, page 811, the Mayans built this temple complex on the side of a hill.  The temple complex rises 80 meters (260 feet) above the Grand Plaza.

Our group walking toward the Temple Complex, with the Palace of the Underworld in the right background, at Tonina
View of the left side of the the Temple Complex, seen from the Temple of the Smoking Mirror
Map of the Temple ComplexCHIAPAS-TONINA-Map-2005.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0