Chiapas - 2005
Our group walking toward the Temple Complex, seen from the Grand Plaza, at Tonina

After visiting Bonampak and the next day, the majestic waterfall Misol Ha, we drove on to the Mayan city of Tonina.  The Mexican military built a base near Tonina, which says a lot about the energy of Tonina: very warlike and combative.  The site reminds me more of the Toltec capital Tula and Chichen Itza than other Mayan sites.  I did not enjoy visiting this site.

According to WIKIPEDIA, Tonina has the last known Long Count date of any Mayan monument, 15 January 909 A.D., marking the end of the Classic Maya Period.  “Tonina” is Tzeltal Mayan for “house of stone” or “place where stone sculptures are raised to honor time”.  The city’s original name was “Po” or “Popo”.

According to the LONELY PLANET: Guide to Mexico, 9th Edition,  (2004), ISBN 1-74059-686-2, pages 810-811, Tonina has a Grand Plaza with a Temple of the Cosmic War and a Ball Court, and a Temple Complex with 9 levels of temples and stelae and murals.

Here is a link to a website on Tonina:

View of the Grand Plaza and the right side of the the Temple Complex, seen from the Temple of the Smoking Mirror, at Tonina
Map of ToninaCHIAPAS-TONINA-Map-2005.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0