Chiapas - 2005
The Grand Plaza
Edifice III
Edifice III in the Grand Plaza in Yaxchilan

Edifice III (Roman numeral “3”) is mostly in ruins.  I did not feel anything from it.  And unfortunately I did not see or know about Lintel X (“10”) described below.

According to YAXCHILAN: The Design Of A Ceremonial City by Carolyn E. Tate, Copyright 1992, ISBN 0-292-77041-3, Page 154, Teobert Maler rediscovered Edifice III in 1897.  INAH subsequently cleared the temple, which resembles a small platform because the walls contain much rubble.  Maler found 2 lintels in the rubble: a presently unnumbered lintel and Lintel X (“10”).  Lintel X (“10”) is the latest dated Lintel at Yaxchilan, approximately 810 A.D.