Chiapas - 2005
The Grand Plaza
Edifice XXI
Edifice XXI, with Stela XXXV and a stucco scene, in the Grand Plaza

Edifice XXI (Roman numeral “21”) had only a foundation and some walls, but also a cool stela and stucco relief on the walls.  I liked this temple, or the remains of it.  I would like to return and spend more time in it.

According to the INAH Plaque accompanying this plaza, Edifice XXI (“21”), like XX (“20”), rises at the southwest end of the Grand Plaza.  From the Grand Plaza you walk up 2 flights of stairs separated by a landing.  The Mayans built Edifice XXI in at least 3 stages.  The temple has a rectangular layout and just 1 passageway, which you reach through 3 openings.  At a later time, the Mayans added 2 small rooms at either end: Edifices LXXIII (“73”) and LXXXIX (“89”).  Lintels XV (“15”), XVI (“16”), and XVII (“17”) were associated with this temple.  The inscriptions on the 3 lintels refer mainly to Bird Jaguar IV.  Lintels XV and XVII show a ceremony of self-sacrifice and the “Vision of the Snake”, whereas XVI shows Lord “Upturned Vessel” falling into the hands of Bird Jaguar IV.  Archaeologists found 2 more sculptural elements in this temple.  Stela XXXV (“35”), which has carvings on both faces showing Lady Skull-Ik with the “Vision of the Snake”, while on the wall behind the stela is a modeled stucco scene with 5 seated persons.  The stucco scene also includes traces of 3 deities and several glyphs.  The Mayans used red, green, blue, yellow, and black to paint the stucco.

Edifice XXI, with Stela XXXV and a stucco scene, in the Grand Plaza