Chiapas - 2005
The Grand Plaza
Edifice XXIII
Edifice XXIII in the Grand Plaza in Yaxchilan

Edifice XXIII (Roman numeral “23”) sits on a terrace above the Grand Plaza near Edifice XIX (“19”).  I do not recall going into Edifice XXIII (“23”) or any of the surrounding temples.  I think that we were pressed for time and just visited the main temples.  So I would like to return to Yaxchilan and visit this temple, among others I missed.

According to the INAH Plaque accompanying this temple, Edifice XXIII contains parallel passageways the 1st entered through 3 openings in the main facade.  Each of these 3 openings contain monumental stone lintels (23, 24, 25 ,and 26) with engravings n their front and bottom faces.  The 1st lintel is still in the temple, the next 2 lintels are in the British Museum, and the last lintel is in the National Museum of Anthropology.  Besides decorative stucco elements, the temple contains inscriptions on 1 of the 1st passageway’s upright walls which also has traces of red, blue, and black paint.  The Mayans built Edifice XXIII and its 4 lintels near the end of Shield Jaguar I’s life (681-742 A.D.).  All of the temple’s inscriptions discuss the story of his life and feats and his family.  Lintels 24, 25, and 26 portray scenes of self-sacrifice, clearly showing the implements and use of them.  “Fist-Fish”, 1 of Shield Jaguar I’s wives, accompanies him.

According to YAXCHILAN: The Design Of A Ceremonial City by Carolyn E. Tate, Copyright 1992, ISBN 0-292-77041-3, Page 203, Edifice XXIII (“23”) has 2 parallel vaulted chambers, each subdivided into multiple sections.  Edifice XXIII (“23”) contains Lintel XXIII (“23”).  Benches run the width of the room on each side of the front chamber.  Doorways lead to the rear chambers.  INAH discovered several interesting burials associated with this temple when excavating it.