Chiapas - 2005
The Small Acropolis
Edifice XLII
The back of Edifice XLII, seen from Edifice LI, in the Small Acropolis

The first temple we encountered as we entered the Small Acropolis was Edifice XLII (Roman numeral “42”).

According to the INAH Plaque accompanying this temple, Edifice XLII (“42”) has a rectangular layout and a single passageway.  The Mayans reinforced the temple with buttresses, and the temple still retinas masonry benches along its inside walls.  On its main facade are 3 openings with monolithic limestone lintels with reliefs carved on their lower faces (Lintels XLI, XLII, and XLIII).  The Mayans built this temples and 3 lintels during Bird Jaguar IV’s reign (752-772 A.D.).  Lintel XLII (“42”) depicts a scene where Bird Jaguar IV, wearing a headdress and feathered attire, holds a staff in his right hand.  A lower ranking dignitary called Kan-Toc grasps an ax in his right hand.

The back of Edifice XLII seen from Edifice LI
The front left of Edifice XLII, with members of our group resting