Chiapas - 2005
The Small Acropolis
Edifice XLIV
The front right of Edifice XLIV seen from the base of the small Acropolis

After visiting Edifice LI (Roman numeral “51”), we moved on to Edifice XLIV (“44”).  Edifice XLIV (“44”) has several interesting lintels above the doorways.

According to the INAH Plaque accompanying this temple, Edifice XLIV has 3 doorways on the front facade with monolithic limestone lintels: XLIV (“44”) on the southeast opening; XLV (“45”) on the central opening; and XLVI (“46”) on the northwest opening.  Each entrance has 2 steps with hieroglyphic inscriptions: Steps I and II (southeast opening); III and IV (central opening); and V and VI (northwest opening).  The Mayans constructed Edifice XLIV (“44”) during Shield Jaguar I’s reign (681-742 A.D.).  The monuments narrate his military victories.

The back of Edifice XLIV, seen from Edifice LI
The left side of Edifice XLIV, seen from Edifice XLII
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