The Maya Lands
March 2009
Lake Atitlan
Sunrise on the volcanoes behind Lake Atitlan
Don Rigoberto

We drove up to Lake Atitlan, stopping at the restaurant/shop KATOK along the way.  We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Atitlan, which Dennis miraculously reserved for us.  The next day we took a boat across the Lake to Santiago and visited a special church.  The next day the group went to the Chichicastenango market while I stayed at the hotel and visited with Miriam and Mo.  The day after that we went across the Lake to somebody’s home where Mayan Elder Don Rigoberto and his son and nephew performed a Mayan Fire Ceremony for us.  Afterwards we took the boats back across the Lake and ate lunch at the restaurant CASABLANCA.  The next day we were off to Tikal.

Hotel Atitlan
The restaurant CASABLANCA