We first visited Guatemaya on our March 2006 trip with Aluna Joy and her partner Raphael and the group that they called together.  For personal reasons I did not enjoy that trip.  We visited Tikal and Uaxactun.  We returned the following year with them to visit Yaxha, Tikal, Quirigua, and Copan (we skipped Uaxactun in favor of spending more time at Tikal).  I subsequently  visited the amazing Lake Atitlan and Mayan city of Tikal in March 2009.  Then Adele joined me for the Mayan city of Copan and the beautiful beaches and ocean of the island of Roatan in Honduras.  A very different journey than usual.

Guatemala and Honduras are poorer than Mexico, and our trips through these countries were a little more challenging.  On the plus side, we were generally freer to climb up almost every temple at these sites.  I did not take any pictures of these cities on our 2006 and 2007 trips; I only have Adele’s pictures.  So I may get around to posting them one day...

The Maya Lands
Guatemala and Honduras
Temple I, seen from Temple II, in the Grand Plaza at Tikal
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