We visited the Maya Lands with the group that our friends Aluna Joy and Raphael called together for the celebrated date of 21 December 2012, the alleged end of the previous Mayan Cycle of approximately 5200 years.  The trip got off to a shaky start, as I did not feel well the night before catching our flight to Mexico and then received the sad news of the passing of Enrique’s and my friend William.  This journey was also sad because our friend and fellow Mayan traveller David Phillips passed away a few months before the trip, and I really wanted to see him again.  The shuttle ride down to Phoenix was somewhat nerve wracking, as we ran late and I really needed a bathroom stop but did not get 1.  We ultimately did arrive on time in Villahermosa, Mexico, and spent the night at a local hotel.

From that point onwards the trip improved.  The weather was actually temperate everywhere.  We got a refreshing downpour at Palenque on the 21st.  And the trip ended on a high note, with me fired up to return to Copan and Quirigua at some point.  An amazing trip and a fantastic way to usher in the new age.

The Maya Lands
December 2012
Doctor Ed Barnhart and a member of our group admiring the Temple of the Inscriptions from the south side of the Palace at Palenque
Map of the Maya LandsTHEMAYALANDS-Map-2012.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
The front left of Stela H in the Grand Plaza at Copan