Yucatan - November 2008

The day after visiting Chichen Itza, I visited the ancient Mayan city of Ake.  I felt drawn to visit the “Atlantes” temple and chant mantras there.  The site was completely deserted when I visited, so I had the site all to myself for almost the whole visit.  I again felt the presence of giants at the “Atlantes” temple; the temple radiates a strong feeling/atmosphere of its past.  The weather was overcast when I arrived and eventually cleared into a beautiful sunny day as the afternoon unfolded.

INAH is clearing an area next to the “Atlantes” temple and starting to restore a temple there.

The only notable photo I took was of the unexcavated temple.  For other photos of Ake, please see my Ake webpage from last year.

The unexcavated Temple on the way to the “Mayan” Temple at Ake