Yucatan - February 2009

The day after visiting Balamku and Xpuhil, we visited Calakmul.  Calakmul supposedly was a rival of Tikal.  However, I did not feel any violence or unusual energy at the site.  In fact, the site had a feminine feel to it.  And women were featured on several of the stelae at the site.  So my experiences did not agree with the history books.   Another interesting fact was that we met a lot of French people visiting Calakmul and the surrounding areas.  When we visited the Mayan sites in the northern Yucatan, we encountered very few French people.

Most of the stelae and buildings are badly eroded, so you cannot make out the intricate details like at Palenque or Tikal or Copan or even Uxmal or Chichen Itza.

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The front of Temple II in the Central Plaza at Calakmul
Map of CalakmulYUCATAN-CALAKMUL-Map-February2009.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0