Yucatan - November 2008

The day after visiting Edzna, Enrique and I visited Dzibilnocac.  Dzibilnocac is a small site with only 1 temple complex.  However, the pyramid on the end of the complex has a monster/serpent mouth doorway that is totally cool.  Again, I felt electricity in my hands when visiting this site, just like the other Chenes sites.

Dzibilnocac is far away from other Mayan sites, so you almost need to set aside a day to visit it.  I chronicle our adventures in finding the site here.

The temple complex consists of 3 small pyramids connected by long halls.  The pyramid on the left as you face the temple complex has some amazing monster/serpent mouth doorways.  The temple complex is small, about the same size as the main temple at El Tabasqueno.  Curiously, the entire (although still unexcavated) site is actually very large, encompassing part of the village of Vicente Guerrero/Iturbide.

According to the INAH Sign accompanying this site, “Dzibilnocac” has several meanings, including “place of the painted vault”, “house of the painted or writing vault”, and “great painted turtle”.

The Mexican Government has been busy clearing the site and has done some restoration work in the past 10 years, as you can see when comparing these photos to those taken about 10 years ago:


The back of the temple complex at Dzibilnocac
Map of DzibilnocacYUCATAN-DZIBILNOCAC-Map-2008.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0