Yucatan - November 2008

The day after visiting El Tabasqueno and Hochob, we visited Edzna.  Edzna has one truly amazing temple called the Temple of the 5 Stories.  The Mexican Government is continuing to excavate around the site.  They have partially restored one temple and are excavating and restoring another temple called the Temple of the Old Witch.  Enrique and I did not see it; the mosquitoes were too enthusiastic about sucking our blood.  William did brave the mosquitoes for a look; unfortunately I forgot to give him my camera.  So, I have no photos of it.

I enjoyed visiting Edzna; the place has a relaxed, gentle, peaceful feeling.  It is a great place to go sit on top of a temple and watch the day go by.

According to the INAH Sign at the site entrance, the Mayans founded Edzna around 600 B.C., and occupied it until the 15th Century A.D.  Archaeologists calculated that Edzna covered 25 square kilometers (about 9 3/4 square miles) and had a complete system for capturing, storing, and distributing water.  Archaeologists believe that the word “Edzna” derived from the Mayan word “Itzna”, meaning “house of the Itzaes”.  Archaeologists believe Itza was the name of the family which ruled Edzna between 800 - 1000 A.D., and was given to all of the inhabitants of the area.  Thus, the people of other cities and communities called the inhabitants “Itzaes”.

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The North Temple and the Temple of the 5 Stories, seen from the Temple of the Moon, in the Grand Acropolis at Edzna
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