Yucatan - November 2008
Ek Balam

The first Mayan site we visited was Ek Balam.  It is about an hour’s drive away from Chichen Itza.  I felt drawn to this site because of the cool winged figures on the walls of the main pyramid/temple, Temple I.  These figures are amazing and look like Mayan Angels.  I also liked the arch as you enter the site.  The ball court and other temples were nice but not as impressive as Temple I and the arch.  I chanted mantras in a couple of these temples and left a crystal offering at one of the temples.

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Temple XVII, the Ball Court, and Temple I (in the background), seen from “the Observatory”, at Ek Balam
Map of Ek BalamYUCATAN-EKBALAM-Map-2008.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0