Yucatan - December 2007

After visiting Chichen Itza, Adele and Luna flew home.  Enrique and William and I drove on to Merida.  The next morning we visited the Merida museum, where none of my photos turned out due to my camera lacking a flash.  This was seriously disappointing because the museum had some unusual elongated skulls that look alien (as in ET; see the recent INDIANA JONES movie to get an idea of what they looked like).

After visiting the museum, we drove on to visit Labna.  Labna has the coolest arch of ever, my very favorite Mayan arch for sure.  I stayed at the Arch for most of our visit to Labna.  One thing that I really like about Labna is that few people visit the site, so you have lots of time alone with this beautiful place.  I love the energy of Labna; the site feels relaxed and beautiful.  The Mayans used the Puuc style of architecture in Labna, the same as at Uxmal.

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The front of the Arch at Labna
Map of LabnaYUCATAN-LABNA-Map-2007.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0