Yucatan - November 2008

After visiting Ake, Enrique and I visited Uxmal.  Not much had changed since my previous visit in December 2007.  In fact the only difference I noticed was that INAH removed their construction from the Pyramid of the Magician.

I felt drawn first to the Governor’s Palace and the Grand Pyramid.  Later we visited the Birds’ Quadrangle and the Pyramid of the Magician.  We also visited the Temple of the Old Woman and made our blood offering to the mosquitoes.

After visiting El Tabasqueno, Hochob, Edzna, and Dzibilnocac in Campeche state, and Sayil in Yucatan state, we returned to Uxmal to visit the site again.  On the return visit I felt drawn to the House of the Doves, the Grand Pyramid, and the Pyramid of the Magician.  I feel a strong connection to pyramids in general and at Uxmal to the Grand Pyramid and the Pyramid of the Magician.

Uxmal is very well photographed and documented, so I am only including my photos that really stand out for me.  For further photos and information, please visit the following link:





and of course my photos of Uxmal from last year.

The Temple of the Iguana, with the Birds’ Quadrangle and the Pyramid of the Magician behind, at Uxmal
Map of UxmalYUCATAN-UXMAL-Map-2008.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0