Yucatan - February 2009
Temple I

Everybody comes to Xpuhil to see Temple I.  Temple I is located at the back end of the ruins.  So it is the last thing you see, the Grand Finale.

According to the INAH plaque accompanying this temple, this temple is also known as the Building of the 3 Towers.  This temple is an aberration from the usual Rio Bec architectural style because it has 3, not the usual 2, towers.  The temple had a maximum height of 18 meters (about 58 1/2 feet), and its center line runs more than 53 meters (about 172 1/4 feet) along a perfect North-South alignment.  The temple faces East.

The 3 pyramids are totally cool.  I really enjoyed walking around and through them.  I also felt electricity running through my palms in the temple complex.

The front of Temple I at Xpuhil
The back left of Temple I
The back right of Temple I
The top of Temple I, looking at the central and north towers
Entrance to Temple I in the south tower