Bolivia-May 2009
Lake Titicaca
Isle of the Sun
North side - Chincana

After passing the Temple of the Sun, Marka Pampa, the Footprints of the Sun, the large stone Titi Khar’ka, and the Ceremonial Table, we finally arrived at Chincana.  As I mentioned earlier, I was feeling burned out at this point.  So I really did not feel anything at this place.  In fact I was also feeling exhausted at this point and did not explore the whole ruins.  So I want to return to the Isle of the Sun to explore these ruins, among other reasons.

Rosse Mary told me about a cave or tunnel around these ruins.  I want to find this cave/tunnel and explore it; another opportunity for adventure!

I felt that Chincana has an interesting spring.  The Spiritual Group we joined up with took turns at the spring, as did Rosse Mary and I.  Chincana also has a majestic western view of Lake Titicaca toward Peru.

Looking west toward Peru from Chincana on the Isle of the Sun