Yucatan - November 2008
El Tabasqueno

The day after visiting Uxmal, we drove into the state of Campeche, where we eventually came to El Tabasqueno.   According to the LONELY PLANET: Guide to the Yucatan, 3rd Edition,  (2006), ISBN 1-74059-992-6, page 225, the site was supposedly named after a local landowner from Tabasco.  Getting to the site from the highway was quite an adventure involving a 2 (LONELY PLANET) or 3 (William’s mileage meter in his van) kilometer drive on a seriously unpaved road.

The site consists of 2 temples built in the Chenes architectural style and what looked like a chultun (cistern) behind Temple I.  The main temple/palace is long and narrow, like the Governor’s Palace at Uxmal with the totally cool Chenes monster mouth doorway.  I loved it.

Map of El Tabasquenoshapeimage_3_link_0
The back of Temple I with the Monster Mask doorway at El Tabasqueno